is now

Hi! As the blog will soon turn 2 years old and coming up on 40.000 reads, I have decided to upgrade the experience. This domain will be shut down and the site moved to, complete with a full redesign.

The site should look a lot nicer now. It includes an overview of my stock portfolio updated in real-time, along with performance stats compared to the S&P 500. All posts have been migrated, cleaned up, and spell-checked.

For simplicity and easy navigation now only 4 categories now exist:

  • Deep-Dives: In-depth posts on particular companies/stocks
  • Market: Relevant news or situation overviews related to my holdings
  • Journal: My Investment Journal with monthly and yearly updates
  • Guides: With how-tos and beginner advice.

Thank you so much for following along and reading my posts, supporting me, or commenting. I hope you will join me at the new site. Visit here.

Latest posts: Investment Journal of September 2022

Bonus: The new site also includes my project portfolio if you are interested in the kind of work I do in my professional life.