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Hi, I’m Jesper.

Welcome to my site where I share my thoughts on investing. My strategy is simple:
Invest in what you know. For me, that means emerging technologies and digital interaction.

I am an interaction designer with a background in games and technology and am moving toward financial independence so that I can one day work only with the projects I love.

If you like what I do, please consider supporting my journey. Some of the options may benefit you as well!

My largest portfolio consists of technology-focused growth stocks.
My portfolio performance and growth. I began investing in 2014.
My dividend portfolio started in 2020 aiming for safe reliable dividend investments.

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Recent entries is now

Hi! As the blog will soon turn 2 years old and coming up on 40.000 reads, I have decided to upgrade the experience. This domain will be shut down and the site moved to, complete with a full redesign. The site should look a lot nicer now. It includes an overview of my stock…

August 2022 – Here we go again…

After last month, I thought we may have been all clear, but it turned out to not be the case. Despite bleeding markets, several of my companies have had good things happen, which I share here. Also, an exciting new addition has made it to my Watch List.

July 2022 – Up, up, and away!

July has been a month of great recovery. I look at earnings of some of my biggest holdings and news out of Unity and 3M.

April 2022 – It is not over yet

We made it through April… Barely. It has been the worst month in several years riddled with earnings disappointment and drama. Come check out what I feel about all this and how my portfolio is doing.


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