Monthly Update #009 – September 2021

September has ended, I all awake and its time for another update on my portfolio performance, my claimed dividend and whatever events may have occured.


Growth Portfolio

Unlisted on the graph in order: Xiaomi, Tattooed Chef, Unity, Coinbase.

The month has been mostly flat for me, which I guess in itself is a win with September usually being being red for the general markets. This time around they have certaintly taken a beating, mostly tied to the world being uneasy with the situation in China. Xiaomi (HK1810) has obviously been hit the hardest, but as I am still working on building my position here, it could eventually turn into a blessing. I am confident that Xiaomi will avoid the worst of the crackdown – but it does continue to trend down alongside all other Chinese stocks. I have made two small purchases of the stock in September and lowered my average to 25.8 HKD from around 27. Unfortunately my largest purchase of the stock I made at just around 30 as I at the time thought it would be my last chance to pick it up in the 20’s range.

An almost 10% difference in my growth portfolio performance in September in comparision to the broader market. I am up 20% year to date.

Tesla (TSLA) reported delivery numbers this Saturday – techically the weekend right after September markets closed – but I thought it fit better here than in next month’s update. Once again they managed to beat expectations with 241.300 deliveries this quarter – a total of 627.000 for the year. They are up 73% YoY depite every single other automaker of the world seeing huge declines in sales and deliveries. If this trend continues – Tesla growing at the pace that they do and others declining rapidly – they will be producing as many vehicles as General Motors (GM) by the end of next year. In the same time frame numbers were down 33% of this particular giant of the industry with a total of 446.997 deliveries in the third quarter. All is of course being blamed on the semiconductor shortage which is setting major factories on standby all over the world, but some may theorize that demand for new EVs is finally starting to overtake that of ICE. Long time Tesla bull Cathie Woods has this very interesting insight to share:

I do expect the chip shortage to better throughout 2022 and Tesla may take a little longer catching up to GM and others than current trends reveal, but none the less it is not far away. Tesla is growing into its high valuation every single quarter and when an industry wide crisis like this one is unable to slow them down in the slighest it speaks volumes of their leadership and execution. If you are wondering why I have not yet sold any of my Tesla stock this is exactly why depite being up big over the years.


Dividend Portfolio

I continue to build upon my dividend portfolio while focusing on balancing all positions equally.

Finally after a few months of nothing much: My dividend portfolio saw some love in September. With this years total dividends collected and a small cash contribution I doubled my position in Realty Income (O). Realty Income is my favorite REIT and uniqely pays out its dividend each month. But the reason I decided to buy another chunk right now is because I am awaiting finalization of the merger/spinoff deal they did with VERIT (VER) ealier in the year. Once things are in place I will recieve shares of a brand new office REIT based on the number of shares I hold in Reality Income. Recieving an entire new dividend paying stock as a sort of dividend just from holding is right up my alley and I have been excited for a long time for it to go through. We should not be far off now and I am glad I was able to buy more shares in time.

My dividend portfolio is down for the month, mainly within real estate which has all been affected by the Evergrande situation in China.

I waited for the price per share to drop below $70 for Realty Income and as soon as it did I had an order ready to go through. As per usual when I am a little inpatient I am reminded of why I should not: As of writing the stock trades at $66 per share, which is right along my original entry price – so of course I should have waited. But given that I intend to hold this stock for the rest of my life I am just happy to see my dividends increase from next month on.


Here are my dividends for all of September. Looking forward to seeing that extra digit coming from my favorite REIT in October.

Name of PositionPayout DateAmount (USD)
Microsoft (MSFT)13.09.2021$91.13
3M (MMM)14.09.2021$14.54
Realty Income (O)16.09.2021$6.27
Nvidia (NVDA)24.09.2021$0.79
TotalSep 2021$112.73
Total dividends received this month across all my portfolios – before taxes.

Microsoft by the way, which sits in my growth portfolio but still pays a nice dividend, has announced an increase in their dividends going forward – up with 11.5% to $0.62 per share.

Website updates & Statistics

Congratulations to the Singaporean readers who made the list this month :).
A slight downtick from August reaching 1642 visits this month. Overall I am happy.


Getting straight into the not-so-fun part of this update: I quit my job at Lenovo. I only just started on September 1st, but already within 30 days I figured it was not the right place for me to be. I proritize my studies and will continue to do so and this was a matter of practicalites and promises not being upheld in order to make the many hours fit in with my schedule. It has not been the most fun month for me and for the first time in years I am without an income from a job. But I decided it was better for both parts to not waste too much time trying to make something work that would eventually fail. I am now on the hunt for a new job – and I hope to find something that is right for me. That means I will aim to find something even more relevant for my studies – rather than just tech, I will be looking to find a role within design, UX or interactivity.

And so I am working on my portfolio again which I may share here when I feel it lives up the quality I aim for. Besides school my schedule for October will then be entirely free – which means I should be able to apply for any job I find to be a good fit. I hope you all have a great month and success in your eendeavors.


Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor, the opinions expressed in this article are entirely my own – always invest at your own risk.

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