Monthly Update #003 – March 2021

This is a quick overview of my stock portfolio performance, received dividends and moves I made this month. It has been very eventful this time around.

My investments

My growth portfolio continued trending down in March. I am okay 🙂

I had anticipated that March of this year would end up being an interesting month for my investments. The reason being that, this is the month I got confirmation on exactly how much tax I owe for the year prior. As 2020 made for the first year where I have taken significant profits from my investments I knew I had a large tax bill coming my way and just wanted to make sure my calculations were correct before doing the same thing this year.

Thankfully everything went as expected and in the middle of March I sold out of another large position: Novo Nordisk (NOVO-B) so that the money I have made could be reinvested anew.

The first half of the money went into Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSM). I bought into this wonderful company last year and quickly saw significant growth. I have talked about TSMC becoming my next new major tech investment and so when the market continued its downturn in March I decided to double my initial investment. I truly believe TSMC will be ever more important in the future and the issues they face right now – with local drought and material shortages are certainty short term. My average price sits now just below $100 and TSMC makes up more than 5% of my entire portfolio.

Earlier this month I shared these two graphs on my Twitter that I found in an article talking about semiconductor stocks. I think they give great insight into just how significant TSMCs role is for the world – The future is ARM and they are the single most important company to help get us there.

The majority of the second half of this money went into CRISPR Therapeutics (CRSP) – another biotech play that I am very excited about. If you managed to miss it I made a post explaining exactly why. After these three significant moves my growth portfolio now looks like this:

With Novo gone, my third largest position is now TSMC, followed by Amazon and CRISPR.

I had originally intended to keep the rest of the money from the Novo exit in cash to be able to jump on new opportunities like the Roblox or upcoming Coinbase IPO. But I instead decided to shift a bit more money into my dividend portfolio and have now doubled down on both AT&T (T) and AbbVie (ABBV). The latter being a well performing and very consistent asset to me – And when they experienced a 6% drop in a single day due to rumors about them selling one of their lesser product lines – I made my move. AT&T have also managed to pleasantly surprise me with their commitment to HBO Max and finally deciding to spin off DirecTV.

My dividend portfolio as of now. Over time I will aim to weigh all my positions equally.

One of the few stocks in my growth portfolio that also pay a dividend is Microsoft (MSFT). Because my investment in this company has more than 5x’ed it makes for a rather significant payout even with a yield below 1%. This is one of the reasons why I would still like to keep my position in Microsoft even if I have been trimming it down a little last year and taken profits to reinvest.

Dividends received in March 2021:

Name of PositionPayout DateAmount (USD)
Microsoft (MSFT)12.03.2021$100.67
3M (MMM)15.03.2021$14.79
Realty Income (O)16.03.2021$6.33
TotalMar 2021$121.79
Total dividends received this month across all my portfolios – Before taxes
Thankfully my dividend portfolio is doing well in these tough times. My REITs especially.

The Site –

I am glad to see the site continuing to grow – March marked the third month being live and officially wraps up my “Q1”. My article on semiconductors and TSMC performed well this month along with most detailed post to date – the one concerning CRISPR. March also marks the first month with more than 2000 views.


This time there is really nothing of significance to report on the personal front. University continues from home and work is back to normal. I did attend a Masterclass by Martha Lane Fox on digitalization hosted by Presidents Summit which was fairly interesting. I will also be attending another around of the Deloitte IT infrastructure workshop that I have mentioned in previous updates – As usual I will be compensated for the time I spend doing that, which is nice.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor, the opinions expressed in this article are entirely my own – always invest at your own risk.

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